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3 November Santiago to Patagonia Camp, Patagonia Chile: Beautiful Bold Brazen Blustery

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Ridiculously early airport drop off; panic on blog data limits; panicked blog catch up; loud neighbours; sleep abandoned, I showered and packed. Wonderfully coffee and croissant appeared for the airport transfer.

Ahead of schedule, long flight with tarmac confined lay over, we finally reached Patagonia Camp; just beautiful, if blustery and bold brazen  blowy and cold! We are told this is light wind! The eco camp, established in 2007, built by hand, is literally in the middle of nowhere, but quite special.

Waiting for our yurt to be ready and snack lunch to be available, we sampled red (some local berry) pisco sour and looked at the excursions. Of course I want to do everything! As long as it’s a proper hike I don’t care! We have just 2 days.

Finally food, later than expected, and I chose badly! Oh well, I persuaded Simon to walk by the Laguna Bonita, short hike before our induction, to see the mountains in all their snow capped glory whilst the sun shone before they are disappeared by weather! Stunningly beautiful, and we finally saw a condor. Well Simon spotted him, he’s just learning to fly about 11 months apparently.

Induction over we headed for the hot tub. We chose a panaramic easy hike within the camps pristine property tomorrow and the iconic really long hard trek on Sunday to the towers in the national park.

Showered, wined and dined, it’s early to bed, the sunsetting around 9/10pm here. Sleep essential, especially for those time scrambled!

Flight & transfer window views; plus views from dining room at the camp.

Simon's airplane window shots

Laguna Bonita short walk

(views; young condor)

Our yurt & hot tub

We stayed at Patagonia Camp, Torres del Paine, Torres of Torres del Paine, Patagonia National Park, Chile.

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